Monday, September 7, 2020

In My Opinion...

 Here's what I think about the new Stampin' Up!® Cut & Emboss Machine.

There are loads of good videos out there showing off this fabulous new die cutting and embossing machine and how to use it. I own two older Big Shots, which have been popular machines, so that's what I'm comparing this new machine to. The following statements are my personal research and opinions, and I hope you find them helpful.

Basics | Size:
  • The amount of "real estate" the Cut & Emboss takes on one's work surface is smaller because the platforms can be folded up. This is not the case for the Big Shot.
  • Both machines weigh about the same @ 8 pounds
  • The 4 larger non-skid feet on the Cut & Emboss are more effective, by far, than the 6 smaller feet on the other machine.
  • The opening of the top handle on the Cut & Emboss is wider and easier to grip.
  • The crank is easy to install and it's done just like the older machine.
  • The Cut & Emboss machine looks good -- sleek, clean, modern.
  • The cutting platform and plates fit easily into the machine. The clear cutting plates do not get their edges "shaved off".
  • Far less lining up of plates, shoving them in to get started, and hard cranking is necessary.
  • All the plates you need to get started are included with the machine. And they're numbered with the "recipe" for using them printed right on them!
  • It's SO easy to use embossing folders in this machine -- no guessing which plates or platforms to use, what kind or how many shims to try. Regular and 3D embossing folders are easy to use, so expect to see a lot more of them in my coming projects!
  • MOST AWESOME THING ABOUT THIS MACHINE is the magnetic cutting plate. 
    • It has a self-healing mat on one side of it, so you only need to use one of the clear cutting plates on top. There's no gouging of a bottom clear plate!
    • AND, there is a full magnetic sheet embedded in the plate instead of six tiny magnets that once caused dies to shift off the stamped image and gave you a bad cut.
      • You don't need to use low-tack tape to hold the dies in place.
      • I tested this by placing a piece of cardstock just a tiny fraction of an inch larger than the Stitched Rectangle die I wanted to cut from it, I didn't hold it in place with washi tape or the like, and it came out perfect! The die did not shift at all.

Here is what a shaped die over a stamped image looks like:

I'll be honest, I wasn't planning on buying a new die cutting machine. I decided to go ahead and try this Cut & Emboss machine because I was frustrated (1) trying to figure out how to use embossing folder on my old machine, (1) having the plates get scraped and ruined so quickly, and (3) the machine itself needing to be wrestled to the ground as I tried to hold onto it and crank. I'm so glad I bought this machine and am pleased with what it can help me do. I think you'll feel the same way!

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  1. Shannon, I have a couple of sets of new plates. Will they fit in the new machine as well? Thanks, Mari

    1. I believe the clear cutting plates from the other machine will work in the new Stampin' Cut & Emboss machine as well. FYI...clear cutting plates are now labeled #3 plates. Thanks for asking!